Felix RÖsner

Student at LMU and at the Center for digital technology management (CDTM)

Felix Rösner is a "Political Science" and "Technology Management" graduate student from Munich.

Prof. Isabell Welpe

Professor at the Technical University Munich

Isabell M. Welpe holds the Chair for Strategy and Organization at the Technische Universität München in Munich, Germany. Her research interests are in New Public Management, leadership, future concepts of work and organisations, impact of digital technologies and social media and strategic innovation.

Thomas Sattelberger

Chairman of the BDI initiative "MINT Zukunft Schaffen" and Member of the German Parliament

Thomas Sattelberger can look back on nearly four decades of experience in management, human resource management and corporate transformation. His career in politics started in 2017. He introduced, for example, the 30% quota for women there at the management level and played a huge part to set the ball rolling this way in German society. He is also a vehement critic for nearly twenty years of the MBA-training following the Anglo-American model and has authored and edited more than 10 books on strategic human resources management and business transformation. He currently focuses on various civil and political projects and serves as Chairman of the Zeppelin University Foundation as well as for the German Employers’ and Industry Associations BDA / BDI initiative ‚MINT – Creating Future ‘among other things

Henri BÖhland

Student at TUM School of Management

Jan Biehler

Student at TUM School of Governance

Jan Szesny

Student at TUM School of Management

Jan Szesny is an undergraduate student studying Management and Technology