Multi-body Sortition System

In the first stage of policy-making, an Agenda Council consisting of 150-400 financially compensated volunteers chosen by lot sets the policy-making agenda. Interest Panels subsequently discuss and propose policy alternatives fitting to the issues from the policy agenda. They consist of twelve volunteering and self-selected citizens per panel with an unlimited amount of panels. In the following step, Review Panels overtake the compilation of policy proposals and ideas. They compile legislation according to the input of Interest Panels and with the input of policy-area-specific experts. A Review Panel consists of 150 citizens who are allotted to separate sub-panels that are empowered for a specific domain. The Policy Jury has the decision-making power and votes secretly on the legislation compiled by the Review Panels. The Jury consists of 400 allotted citizens from the basic population who are obliged to participate and who are exchanged after every plenary session.
The Rules Council deciding on rules and procedures of legislative work consists of 50 citizens chosen by lot from volunteers and is interconnected with the Oversight Council which implements the rules set by The Rules Council. The Oversight Council regulates the legislative process and deals with complaints and consists of 20 volunteers chosen by lot.

Proponents: Dieter van Reybrouck

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